Residential/Commercial Underground Storage Tanks

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Underground Storage Tanks / Above Ground Storage Tanks:

JOMA Environmental specializes in the removal of Underground Storage Tanks and Above Ground Storage Tanks (USTs/ASTs). This effects not only commercial and industrial outfits but also residential homeowners as well. Bylaws are becoming very strict in different municipalities on Vancouver Island. What was common practice of extracting the residual oil and filling the tank with sand (decommissioning) and leaving in the ground is becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays municipalities are requiring both the extraction of residual oil and also the full removal of the tank from the property with subsequent remediation (when needed) including environmental sampling.

JOMA Environmental Underground Storage Tank Services:

  • Inspection of property for UST
  • Removal & disposal of residual oil in tank
  • Environmental sampling of the soil around tank bottom
  • Removal and disposal of contaminated soil (if needed)
  • Backfill of clean soil to excavation site

One of the key services that JOMA Environmental will provide during a tank pull is a complete environmental report with analytical sampling indicating that the property in question is in fact clean and the contamination (if present) has been remediated by an environmental professional. This allows the residential home owner complete confidence as well as insurance brokers and lenders, that the property is clean of contamination.