Sampling & Testing Services

With our qualified professionals, JOMA Environmental has collectively over 15 years experience sampling environmental media.  Whether you are developing a property, checking your residential well water quality, or investigating potential contaminant of concern in the soil or water, we can help!


Water Sampling Services:

  • Municipality (landfill, effluent, storm drains, municipal water sampling)

  • Bylaw Enforcement for commercial and industrial businesses
    (meeting the requirements to discharge effluent to either storm drains or into the environment)

  • Property Investigation’s (Phase 2 Environmental Assessment)

  • Residential Well Water Sampling and Summary Reporting

  • Environmental/Construction Monitoring (Creek/River sampling; management of excavation pit water)

Soil Sampling Services:

  • Property Investigations (Phase 2 Environmental Assessment)

  • Environmental/Construction Monitoring

  • Confirmatory Testing

  • Nutrient Testing